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  • How to wear a tool belt?
    • December 30. 2021
    How to wear a tool belt?

    A tool belt can help us to hold the tools we need when we are working. It can not only release your hands but also organizer the tools well. It brings a lot convenience for us. Considering to store the tools and wear the belt properly, it is very important to wear the tool belt well. There are some steps as following: 1. The adjustable tool belt size will be good used for any circumstance, an...

  • Why choose a tool bag?
    • December 30. 2021

    Tools are necessary for everyone, piers, punches, screwdrivers, wrenches, ect. Imagine that if there is any box or bag to organizer, they will be in a mess, and you cant get the thing you want. Now, there are many ways to organizer the tools, such as tool box and tool bag. Let us compare these two kind of storage ways: 1. Tool boxes: the tool boxes are large, and bulk, difficult to carry, ect...

  • A drill holster tool pouch suit for professional and DIY persons
    • October 30. 2021

    If you are a professioan and DIY persons, drill is a very important tools for you. When you are in the working, it would be convient that having the drill next to you. Now we got this drill holster, it can not only storage the drill, but also can be suitable for a belt. That means you can get the drill easily when necessary. Thanks to the drill holster. Currently we have two models tool pouch bag ...

  • OEM 1680D tool backpack bag factory
    • June 29. 2021
    OEM 1680D tool backpack bag factory

    This tool backpack has reinforced pockets and zippers to withstand the toughest abuse. It is made of 1680D polyester coated with pvc so that the tool backpack can suit for those tough work people in the tough environments. There are totally 18 exterior pockets, the exterior pockets can help you to get the tools quick. And 6 interior pockets and two layers structure can organize all of your tools a...

  • How to find a right tool bag for your tools?
    • June 07. 2021
    How to find a right tool bag for your tools?

    Tools are essential accessories for workers, such as electrician, carpenter, handyman, construction, ect. It is necessary for them to have a tool bag or tool backpack to transport the tools in an organized manner and quickly to get the tools. Different tools have different size to accomplish different task. It is not easy to choose a tool bag. If you are looking for a construction or electrician t...

  • Why we need a tool bag?
    • May 17. 2021

    Do you meet the trouble with multi tools in a mess? When you are in the work, you want to get a screwdrivers, it is very difficult to find your screwdrivers during your tool boxes. Because there are too many tools to get the one you want. In such situation, we think you need a tool bag, it can help you to storage and organizer your tools in the right place. The tool bag not only has the large spac...

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